• 4. How big is a hot air balloon?

    Vuela en Globo has 3 different certified models:

    • CONDOR - 77 thousand cubic feet (2 passengers)

    • AGUILA- 144 thousand cubic feet (4 passengers)

    • ALBATROS - 180 thousand cubic feet (8 passengers)

    Their height ranges between 25 and 30 meters.

  • 5. Is a license required to fly?

    This activity in national territory requires that pilots have a license.  All the Vuela en Globo pilots have a valid license which is granted by the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), which is dependent on the SCT.

  • 6. What are they made of?

    The hot air balloon consists of three basic parts: the envelope, the basket and the burners.  The envelope is made of very light nylon fabric with flame retardant and waterproof.  Manufactured with approximately 1000 meters of fabric and 5000 meters of thread.  The basket is made of wicker, which is strong and flexible.

  • 7. How does a hot air balloon work?

    Due to temperature differences, the air inside the enclosure is heated with the burner and therefore the molecules expand and become lighter than the air outside, which is colder and this causes it to rise.  If the air inside begins to cool down or the air is ventilated, the balloon descends.

  • 8. How safe is it to fly in a balloon?

    Hot air balloons are the safest airplanes that exist.  You feel free to fly so high and touch the clouds or so low that you feel in your hands the touch of the cornfields.

  • 9. What is the maximum height to fly?

    In Vuela en Globo, we usually fly at a height of between 150 and 800 meters above the surface, but a hot air balloon can reach up to 10 thousand feet of altitude.

  • 13. Why do you fly so early?

    To fly safely a very stable climate is necessary, this happens right in the first hours after sunrise, before the sun warms the earth and the wind starts to change.

  • 14. What happens if, due to situations beyond my control, the flight is canceled?

    If for climatological reasons the flight is canceled (winds above 12 km / h, rain, fog), you will be offered to reschedule it when it suits you best or if you want your refund a charge of 30% of the total cost of the trip will be made  to cover operating expenses that are none refundable, such as insurance payment which is sent and paid before your flight.

  • 18.- Can I bring people in a wheelchair?

    Yes. Vuela en Globo will have a previous talk with the passenger and who will accompany him during his flight so that he can enjoy it to the fullest, since extremely special weather conditions are required.

  • 19. Can children come up?

    Yes, as long as they are over 4 years of age accompanied by an adult. Kids 9 and over are no longer considered Childers for date purposes.

  • 20.-Why do they ask my weight?

    We have balloons with different capacity, depending on the weight we select the balloon that takes flight, so it is extremely important that this data accurate to avoid passengers be left grounded,  if total weight  exceeds the BALLON allowance weight.

  • 21.- Can I fly with my pet?

    Yes, Vuelo en Globo will have a talk with the passenger and his partner during the flight so that they enjoy it fully, because water conditions must be suitable





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